About the Awards

Inspire Award Categories

These awards are to recognise those fics that fly under the radar, as well as the fics that keep getting eclipsed by the stories that have a huge following. We ask that when you nominate to please mark whether the story is complete or a WIP. Within our unrestricted review section, we ask to please nominate those who have been truly unappreciated. All stories nominate MUST be current, no older then 3 months since they updated or completed!!!!

NOMINATIONS Will run from the 21st of JAN. until the 4th of FEB.

FIRST ROUND VOTING will be from the 9th of FEB. until the 23rd of FEB..

SECOND ROUND VOTING will be from the 8th MARCH. until the 14th of MARCH

WINNERS will be announced on the 21st of MARCH.

So let's send some love to those under appreciated fics out there. Let's Inspire the authors to keep writing.